Why Trust Seals

Today's Online Shopper

It’s no secret that online shoppers are incredibly skeptical when it comes to making purchases over the Internet.

No matter how convincing the copy, how enticing the offer, how promising the guarantee, visitors have no reason to trust you or your website. Let’s face it – your visitors, prospects, and customers are on their guard. Your website is on trial, and the policy is NOT "innocent until proven guilty."

As a matter of fact, most new visitors see your website as completely "unsafe until proven trustworthy." Rightfully so, these cautious Internet users aren’t about to risk their personal and financial information falling into the wrong hands.

Click any of the trust seals below to learn about the value it will create on your website:

Trust Seal Trust Seal Trust Seal Trust Seal Trust Seal

Recommended Seal Placement: "Above The Fold"

It is often said that "eye level is buy level." In retail stores, products found at eye level sell 2X more than products located above or below the eye level. Fortunately, physical height is not a variable in your internet marketing.

Though your webstore may be lacking racks and shelves, your customers should not have to scroll to see your trust seal. Placing your seals at the bottom of your page is like hiring a skilled sniper with out providing him a rifle.

After reviewing customer feedback, we’ve found that our members who place their trusted seals above the fold almost always experience higher conversion than our members who don’t. If you are serious about increasing your online sales conversion, keep your trust seals above the scroll.