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We also offer a 1 Seal Plan for $17.

Over 71% of consumers specifically look for independent seals of approval when they visit a web site. Do you have yours?

How does Integrity Safe work?

It's simple. Once you upload your information to our system, our team of experts will verify all data to ensure it's valid and current. Then, you are approved to place the seal(s) on your web site. When visitors click on the seal, they will be able to see the information we have verified. It's all done through our proprietary software.

Will you accept my website?

During the verification process we may find things on your site that need to be corrected or adjusted. This doesn't mean you won't be accepted. Once the changes have been made, we will approve your website. Please see our Terms of Use to make sure your website is not one of the unapproved businesses.

Why do I need Integrity Safe?

Up to 40% of people lie about their credentials. Many websites unknowingly put their visitors at risk. Some websites just take a static graphic and put it on their site. Our seals are dynamic and "clickable" so that unethical competitors are unable to use our seals on their site. This instantly leads to trust, credibility and respect for you - the honest, safe and transparent website.

Can I change my plan after I signup?

Yes. You can simply add or remove seals anytime. In fact, you can do this all yourself in the member's dashboard area.

Can I choose the color of my seal?

Yes. We have 5 different seals. Each one is available in different "colors" and different "types." We offer 8 color choices for your seal. We also offer 3 types for your seal. That's a total of 120 unique seals to choose from. Just choose the color and type you'd like in your members dashboard. Yyou can change the color or type anytime.

Is it easy to add the seal to my site?

Yes. In fact, you just copy/paste a simple line of code right onto your site. It takes less than 30 seconds to do and anyone can do it. For a small one-time fee of just $49, our technical team can install it on your site for you.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. In order to streamline our services (and keep the price so low) we do not accept invoices or checks.