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The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a corporation consisting of several private business franchises of local BBB organizations based in the United States and Canada, which work together through the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB). The BBB goal is to foster a fair and effective marketplace, so that buyers and sellers can trust each other.

The main focus of the Better Business Bureau is to verify business information and to gather and report information on business reliability. The majority of companies using the Better Business Bureau services are "brick and mortar" companies. A little over 10 years ago it instituted it's current "Online Reliability Program."

In order for a business to qualify for the BBBOnline seal, they must first be a member of the Better Business Bureau. This process can be lengthy, costly and ultimately very frustrating.

The chief difference between BBB Online and Integrity Safe is that BBB Online only focuses their verification on "business identity" where as Integrity Safe addresses the 3 main consumer concerns: Privacy, Security and Business Identity. Integrity Safe also offers 2 additional certifications not provided by any other website verification organizations and those are the Guarantee and Testimonial seals.

When comparing the cost of BBB Online's business seal to Integrity Safe's business seal you should expect to pay anywhere from $355 - $4,000 per year when choosing BBB Online, but only $204 when choosing Integrity Safe.

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