About Integrity Safe

Why Choose Integrity Safe

Integrity Safe is the leading expert in affordable website verification. Through our certification process, companies engaging in online business are able to ensure safe, secure and protected transactions for their customers – all while boosting conversion and maximizing sales.

Most providers in our industry focus on one area of verification, leaving business owners with the time-consuming and costly task of using three or four different providers to meet all of their verification needs. Integrity Safe provides website verification and Trust Seal certification in multiple areas including: business identity, privacy policies, security standards, guarantees and testimonials.

When a consumer sees an Integrity Safe Trust Seal, they know your website has been verified by a trusted, reputable third-party.

Integrity Safe Management Team

Jarrod Morris, Founder & CEO

Jarrod Morris

Jarrod first launched "Integrity" in August of 2007. He was passionate about helping small businesses improve their web conversion. Since that time, many other talented team members have joined him in the quest of 'optimizing trust and maximizing sales.'

"Our purely 'viral' success is attributed to the effectiveness of our product, the quality of our service and the affordability of our price. Whether you are looking to increase your online sales or validate a company before making a purchase, there is only one characteristic you need to check for… Integrity."

Dustin Lunt, President & Chief Software Engineer

Dustin Lunt

Prior to Integrity Safe Dustin ran a lucrative business in the financial industry. Years of online marketing efforts soon transformed into the creation of a successful marketing and web development company. Now he is focusing all of his efforts on helping Integrity Safe become the "household name" in website verification.

"Online conversion is all about testing, tweaking, testing and tweaking some more. Our trust seals are proven to increase online conversion. I invite you to join the elite group of marketers who fearlessly address consumer concerns and win big because of it."